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Breast thing about Fangea.

Melanie and Raychel - Breast cancer survivors

Life is full of twists and turns that can test our faith.

July of 2008, Fangea Co-founder, Melanie was diagnosed with breast cancer just one week before her 48th birthday.

This traumatic diagnosis happened only 9 months after she opened her dream company. Devastated but determined she pressed on until it became clear that she needed to stop working and focus on her recovery.

Quitting was foreign to her, but she accepted that God had a different plan for her and made her health her priority.

It’s been a long journey, but Melanie is grateful to be a cancer thriver.

In the years that followed Melanie began consulting with various companies and ultimately had the opportunity to work with a talented young woman, Raychel, that had a desire to do something different.

When Covid hit Melanie and Raychel spent hours talking about a unique business idea that allowed them to use their experience and talent to support a community of entrepreneurs. A business plan for Fangea was born.

Melanie was excited to spend the last few years of her career working with Raychel to support her in building a business that she would ultimately own.

The grand opening was delayed due to a surgery Melanie required to finally put breast cancer in her rear-view mirror. That was ok as they agreed that health and family will always be their priority.

Fangea officially opened in February 2022. They faced the typical challenges that new businesses face and were having fun working together to make the most of everything they faced.

A few months later, Raychel had an overdue physical that included her first mammogram (somewhat inspired by Melanie’s experience).

That’s when a twist of fate struck. Raychel was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 (turning 48 later in the year) and had her first surgery in July of 2022. The Fangea Cofounders were stunned by the news and the irony on their ages and timing. The good news is that Raychel’s cancer was caught early. The bad news is that recovery will take several surgeries and weeks of radiation.

There were many decisions to be made but putting Raychel’s health and her family first were already made.

They worked together to shift priorities and made the most of the time Raychel needed to focus on her wellbeing.

We never know what we will face in our journey’s, but we do know that going through them with people who lift us up when we get knocked down makes all the difference.

Melanie and Raychel are grateful for their family and friends that have rallied around them with love and support of Raychel and to ensure Fangea survives this cancer journey too.

They are especially grateful they have each other and remain strong in their faith that this crazy breast cancer coincidence is part of a bigger plan. They know God has got his arms around them.

Thank-you for supporting Raychel, Melanie and Fangea as family, friends, influencers, customers, and product partners. The Fangea story has just begun.