Inspiring smiles & kindness

Entrepreneurship is about collaboration.

4 multicultural women huddled together

As our world dramatically changes, most of us are reconsidering what defines our careers and success.

A re-birth of our entrepreneurial spirit is the result of working from home, time off work, and in some cases out of necessity. It’s been challenging, exciting, frustrating, invigorating, and educational. We have learned so much about ourselves and how business works in our new reality.

Raychel and Melanie are two entrepreneurs that made the most of their time at home by building a new platform to support their fellow entrepreneurs. They set out to be a positive and supportive community by creating a business system for influencers, salespeople, product developers and producers. Fangea is an alternative to the giants like Amazon, it’s a community first and a business second. Fangea unites and enables entrepreneurs to support each other, by reduce overhead costs and typical risks.

It’s a simple plan. Fangea built a shopping cart and distribution system to be used in the following ways:

  1. Product creators and manufacturers – work with Fangea to sell and distribute your products.
  2. Salespeople and Influencers – become an affiliate to promote your fellow entrepreneurs’ products and earn on every sale that results from your efforts.
  3. Connect, brainstorm, and support each other – Online Fangea Collaborator Group.


Contact Fangea to learn how you can collaborate with a community of entrepreneurs to succeed by supporting each other.